What is Online Church?

What is online church? Wikipedia says that online church “refers to a wide variety of ways that a religious group is using the internet to facilitate its religious activities, particularly worship services.” While that is all true, online church is so much more than that. Online church gives you the opportunity to talk in a chat room to get to know other online viewers. It also gives you the option to talk privately with someone, to request confidential prayer, and to find answers to any questions you may have.

“With the Online Campus, you have the flexibility to worship from anywhere. You don’t have to live near the Chanhassen or Bush Lake Campuses,” says Allison Docken, who serves with Westwood’s Online Campus. “The Online Campus can reach a variety of people; people curious about developing their faith further but who have fears or anxiety about attending in person, and regular worshipers who might be traveling and still want to catch the weekly service.”

Westwood started our online campus prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. We didn't know at the time that during the season of pandemic related shutdowns, it would become the only way people could experience church. The online worship experience has become an integral part of the modern church.

Online Church Helps Grow the Local Church

Studies have shown that an Online Campus helps grow the local church, not diminish it. Some will find a long-term church home through our Online Campus while others will transition to attending a nearby church. In our case, that could be a Westwood campus or another church in their community.

Global Reach through Internet Church

Tami Stordahl, Online Campus Pastor, has been part of Westwood’s leadership team since it started in 1995. Tami is excited about her new role, “I love creating experiences and environments where people fall more in love with Jesus. Launching Westwood's Online Campus provides another opportunity to do this with people both locally and around the world. Together, we get to be part of reaching people who may never walk through our doors. It's an accessible and non-threatening way to introduce people to church and the love of Jesus that changes lives.”

Worship with us online on Sundays. Services can also be viewed on demand starting at 1pm.