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Faith in Jesus is a journey that is meant to be lived right where you are, through what you do every day. The Westwood Podcast features weekly interviews and conversations with people across a variety of life-stages, careers, and interests. Our aim is to curate a conversation that provides encouragement, ideas and inspiration for you to live out your faith, right where you are.


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Pastors Brian Suter & Kevin Klingbiel - February 5, 2020

Changing the World by Serving

Mike Ayres makes a difference in Minnesota, in America, and across the world. He is a leader at Minnesota based Oppidan, a commercial real estate development company. More than that, he is a servant with a tenacious desire to help the poor throughout the world create a sustainable living and change their world. As he makes a difference he stays true to his values. Mike's story will inspire you to serve well through the various roles you have, and change your world and the people within it as you do.

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