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In this unique time, we are excited for the opportunity to re-imagine what being together looks like. We are launching three new engagement experiences to deepen our online worship services and continue to grow in fellowship with one another!

Online Communities - Westwood Community Church

Enjoy community and connect with folks from your area online using Facebook Rooms. You’ll get to know each other, grow in your faith, and share prayer requests all before each week’s worship services. Click here to learn more about online communities.

Neighborhood Gatherings - Westwood Community Church

Let your home, driveway, or garage be a place to come together with others to worship! Inviting neighbors and friends is a great way to share your faith.

Drive-in Sundays - Westwood Community Church

Pile into the car and join us in the parking lot of the Chanhassen Campus on Sundays. You’ll experience live worship music, an inspirational message, and have some fun! For lyrics check out this PDF.

We are partnering with local organizations to provide help for those affected by COVID-19. Here is how to serve in this unique time:

Gift Card Drive

Purchase $25 gift cards for gas and groceries. These will be allocated to community partners to distribute as needed.

    • Purchase cards online from:
    • Mail cards to:
      • Westwood Community Church
        Attn: Missions and Outreach
        3121 Westwood Drive
        Excelsior, MN 55331
Food Drive

Drop off non-perishable food items at your nearby campus. We’ll distribute them to our partners. Bins are located at Westwood Chanhassen and Westwood Bush Lake outside by the main doors.


Write an uplifting note to essential workers. Collection box is located outside the main doors at both Westwood Chanhassen and Westwood Bush Lake.

Stay up to date on community needs:

For questions or additional information, please email: outreach2@westwoodcc.org

To help bring encouragement and support to you during this time, we have launched a series of webinars taught by Westwood staff and subject matter experts from our Westwood community. Topics include job loss, parenting, faith, and more. These seminars will be brought to you via Zoom. We continue to pray for you and your family in this season. God is with us on the journey.

Register for upcoming webinars:

View recent webinars on our YouTube channel:

If you would like to receive prayer from one of our pastors, please call the church during business hours at 952.224.7300. You can also submit a prayer request below. You need not give your name.

It can be common for misinformation to spread, and it can be hard to filter through all the outlets of information. Here are some reliable resources that can connect you with up-to-date and accurate information.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The CDC is the leading national public-health organization in the U.S. and has up-to-date info on COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Minnesota Department for Public Health (MDPH)
The MDPH is the state department responsible for public health in Minnesota.

World Health Organization (WHO)
WHO is the United Nations’ agency for global public health.

Please continue to check this site as it relates to changes with our services and events.

Ways to Grow in Your Faith

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