What is the Table Project?

The Table Project is an invitation to break bread and fellowship with culturally diverse congregations. It is a unique opportunity to build authentic relationships within our community. We encourage you to join us for this experience as we celebrate unity in Christ!

Why the Table Project?

Below, you will hear from a few of our Near Ministry Pastors and their experience with sharing a table and the importance of this project.

“The agenda (of the Table Project) is friendship in Christ and a deepening of understanding. The opportunity to engage in the heart of God with families of the earth while gathering in our Twin Cities is a win!”

“We are the light of the world! Light is more powerful when it is gathered than when it is scattered.”

“This (shared tables experience) is not a need to be met but a fellowship to be enjoyed.”

Interested in getting involved?

We would love for you join us! Use the link below for more information and to express your interest in participating in the Table Project.

Table Project Interest


Feel led to host an international student for a Thanksgiving meal? Sign up using the links below.

Host a Meal – Hospitality Center