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by | May 23, 2018

Curt & Judi Quiner are missionaries that Westwood is proud to partner with. Along with their two daughters, Christy and Hannah, they serve the motorcycling community in the Twin Cities and beyond. They share a little about their ministry, their successes and some of the challenges they face.

“Our family is honored to serve motorcyclists by: providing biker blessings for secular chapters and before motorcycle rides, offering Sunday morning church services at motorcycle rallies, serving as chaplain for around 10 motorcycle dealerships and 6 secular motorcycle chapters, making hospital visits to downed motorcyclists, praying with motorcyclists, listening and supporting bikers, and officiating funerals and weddings.

God is moving in the motorcycling community! There are so many people who are hurting, and who need to feel the love Jesus provides. We have had an overwhelming number of people acknowledge Christ as Savior at the biker blessings we provide. We have also been privileged to offer prayer during secular chapter meetings following the deaths of chapter members and in the aftermath of shootings in the US. God has been working in hearts to soften them to His presence.

Although the overall response is positive, there are situations where people are not happy we are there in Jesus’ name. For example, one of the secular chapters we have been serving for the longest has “re-started” and some of the new people are not happy that we are providing a Christian influence. We are trusting that God is in control and will work it all out.

Some of the biggest challenges we face is time and funding. God orchestrates it all, but there are more events held than we can get to, and we only want to go where He is calling us. Motorcycling events can also be expensive, and we do our best to attend where we are able. God amazes us and provides just when we need it, but it’s hard sometimes as we wait to see how He will come through!

We are blessed to have a team of people who are committed to pray for our ministry. Before an event we send out a specific prayer request for the event, and after the event we follow up with a praise report to our prayer team. This is amazing for us, because it makes us look back on the event and watch for how God moved. What a blessing to see Him at work powerfully in motorcyclists’ lives and in ours! There are just too many things that “work out” for it to be coincidence. It is encouraging to us to know that Jesus is intimately involved. He cares, and He chooses to use us. How amazing is that?!

There’s really nothing special about us at all. But God decided to use us, and we try to be obedient to His call. Sometimes it’s just being there and listening to someone. We have rarely offered to pray for someone and had them refuse. In fact, we have often stopped in the middle of busy locations and laid hands on a motorcyclist and prayed right there. It’s easy to offer to pray later, but we have found that it really touches people to offer to pray with them right there. And it touches us as well.”

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