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It's about doing life together

Small groups connect us to one another. They aren’t a new-fangled concept. They date back to the very beginnings of church thousands of years ago. In small groups, we get to form friendships, to know and be known, offer support and encouragement, and to grow closer to God. We get to ask big questions and wrestle with tough topics. Most importantly, we get to be together with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We aren't meant to live life alone. We are meant to journey through it together.

Grab a Better Together Box!

This box contains everything you need to start a group, including 8 video sessions. Grab a box. Grab some friends. Start a group! Online training is available for leaders; boxes are available at the Info Spots.

We're better together when we're in it together!


Find Your Group

Because all people are different and have different needs, we have a lot of different groups. There are groups that meet in coffee shops, homes and even at the church. Some are specific to men or women; some are for couples or singles; some share commonalities of life stage or geographic area. Others are a wonderful hotdish of people of different ages, areas and interests.

Questions? Contact Lisa Nebel, 952.224.7348 for the Chanhassen Campus, Zac Bush 952.224.7481 for the Bush Lake Campus; or Mark Nelson, 952.224.7382 for the Minnetonka Campus.

To help you on your way, we have three ways to join a small group:

Group Connect
Let us help you find your group

Meet people like you and get what you need to start a brand new group with the help of our small group leadership team. Eat together, laugh and connect with new people. When you register to attend we will ask questions to help match you to your new group. Childcare is available.



Join an Existing Group
Search Small Groups Online

How to use Find a Group:
•  Filter groups using the drop downs at the top to find a group that is a good fit for you! You can filter by Campus, Day of the week or use the search bar at the top to help you narrow your search.
•  Click on the group title, to see the details of the group. If it is something that interests you, you can ask questions or express interest to the leader by clicking "Email Leaders" on the right hand side.

Find a Group

Can't find a group?
We would love to help you.
Chanhassen: Lisa Nebel, 952.224.7348
Minnetonka: Mark Nelson, 952.224.7382
Bush Lake: Zac Bush,


Start a Group
Group Leadership Training

Consider leading a small group. It is not as intimidating as you may think. Our online training session is an exploratory step to give you an understanding of small groups, the role of a leader, overview of the group forming process, and basic tools to get started in leading a small group. We’ll help give you what you need! Training is available online. Register below to receive the links to training and information to begin this process.

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