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Life Transformed: Learning to Live Like Jesus

Published July 05, 2018

Life Transformed: Learning to Live Like Jesus - Westwood Community Church

Participants shared the ways Life Transformed impacted them and their lives.  See some of the responses below.

In Life Transformed, I…

  • in Life Transformed, I have taken action to be more involved and push my comfort zone.
  • In Life Transformed, I connected with others at my table.
  • In Life Transformed, I met really wonderful people and got more realistic ideas on leading a small group.
  • In Life Transformed, I expanded my community within the church.
  • In Life Transformed, I changed my approach to prayer, learned my spiritual gifts, and gained enhancements to propel my faith journey.
  • Learned I am loved.
  • See how passionate and deep the church goes. The love and care it wants for all Christ believers, and to reach others for Christ. Recharged my prayer lifeand insight to God.
  • Grew closer to strangers and gained an understanding of how I can grow closer to God through others.
  • Became more aware of God using me everywhere. Home, work and church.
  • Learned to think more about my faith journey.
  • Learned to write my prayer down and will continue to write and have a weekly prayer.
  • Revitalized my interest in journaling prayers which is quite powerful. I also have a strong pull to be bolder in evangelism.
  • Learned to be more thoughtful in reflection and prayer writing, updated my faith story, thought of more ways to get involved with church activities, met a great group of guys at my table.
  • Was able to write my faith story, write down my prayers and reflect about prayers. I was able to reflect and use guided reflection on different topics and bible verses. I connected with other Westwood members and was able to use them as a good resource in my new journey.
  • Grew in my faith.
  • Have had God promptings to be more involved.
  • Learned more about my spiritual gifts and want to serve.
  • Learned to just start something, actually commit and can make changes along the way, if needed. Will do something in my sphere of influence, discipleship.
  • Felt completely comfortable talking with my table group about very personal and intimate details of my life and faith story. I’ve generally been guarded about sharing.
  • Feel it helped me grow and want to grow not only in my faith and my walk with God, but also grow and serve within the church community.
  • Began my path to a higher level of engagement with Westwood, with Jesus.
  • Learned a lot about the church and frame a faith story was really fun.
  • Realized how much I allow the ‘world’ to rob me of my opportunity to spend time with God.
  • Took my first steps to get connected. I look forward to fulfilling God’s calling through Westwood.
  • Wish I had not missed the first class because the three sessions didn’t flow for me. Just read the introduction in the book and realized what the purpose of the class was.
  • Realized I need to make Jesus the focus of everything I do in life – my work, my quiet time and anything I do should be to praise and honor Him instead of having my life set up in different compartments.
  • Met some really great people and felt inspired by their stories.

Life Transformed: Learning to Live Like Jesus

Sundays, October 28-November 18, 10:30am-12:00pm, Room A205 at Chanhassen Campus
Life Transformed is a four-week experience that will equip you, encourage you and challenge you to grow in your faith. It will also be a catalyst to help you get involved at Westwood. If you have not yet taken a step of involvement beyond worshipping on Sunday, or if you’re looking for a new start, Life Transformed is for you. Childcare is provided.



Questions: Lisa Nebel, 952.224.7348


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