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Helping Others Make a Difference—Heather Tran’s Story

Published September 19, 2016


Heather Tran describes her story of coming to faith in Jesus as a slow awakening. “It was as if things in my past and in my life finally started to make sense.”

Heather didn’t grow up in a Christian home. Her parents told her she could figure out religion on her own. But despite not having spiritual leadership in her home, Heather had a few relatives and a best friend who were Christians and were influences on her life.

Prior to getting married, Heather took classes and checked off the requirements needed to get married in the church that they were attending. The years that followed found Heather going to church and raising their three young kids, but still feeling empty. “I felt like I was missing out on something more,” she said.

When a friend invited Heather to attend MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at Westwood, Heather said yes; less for the possibility of spiritual growth, but more for the chance to get rid of her kids for a couple hours, she recalled with a laugh.

Khai&Heather-GalaThrough the support she found in friendship with other women, the encouraging teaching she heard, and the gentle nudging of God, she felt like things were finally making more sense. “I realized that faith wasn’t about checking boxes and doing all these right things. It was about a relationship with my Creator,” Heather said.

Heather desired to learn more about God and His teachings. She began to read her Bible, attended Bible studies at Westwood and took LifeKeys. Heather and her husband Khai decided to make Westwood their church home.

Heather and Khai put the faith peddle to the metal when they decided to answer God’s calling to start a non-profit organization. A Better Society was born. Through it, Heather helps people connect their passions and interests in serving others, giving them direction and backing to move forward with their dreams.

“My passion is to help people find ways to get lit up. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you are wired with unique talents and interests that God can use to make the world a better place. The world is hard and scary, but we can all do something to make it better. I just help people take a leap of faith to do that,” she said.

MTK_1289-1024x679One of A Better Society’s projects is Life-Cycle. In their rented warehouse, a team of volunteers collect donated bikes, repair them, and give them to people in need in our community, throughout the Twin Cities and as far away as Africa.  In 2016, Project Life-Cycle will distribute about 400 bikes and will hit the 2,500 mark for total number of bikes given out since 2008.

Heather’s story of faith is one that continues to unfold. Khai and Heather were baptized in June of this year, outwardly declaring their love and faith in Jesus. “God is leading me where He wants me to be. He reminds me that we weren’t meant to go through our journey on our own. I am learning to enjoy the ride and let Jesus lead my way,” Heather said.