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Nativity–Original Song by Phil and Heather Joel

Published December 17, 2014
From Ben Garrett:

, the song that I shared during this week’s offertory, was written by my friends, Phil and Heather Joel. The Joel’s wrote this song together for their church’s Christmas “nativity” play and is from the point of view of the shepherds, but also all of humanity! The message of Nativity ties in beautifully with our current Christmas series, Inauguration Day, as the song’s focus lies upon the anticipation of the coming of our Messiah and how glorious our Lord’s arrival is! The advent season presents such a great opportunity to reflect on the world’s need for Jesus and as Christmas day approaches, we can meditate on what life was like before Christ came and then how everything changed the day that Jesus was born. The wait is over for the coming of our Lord and that is absolutely a reason to sing and worship!
10590422_2263327020688_1397858024294964382_nLast week I was able to spend some time with the Joel’s and their family in Nashville, Tennessee during a week of songwriting and was able to experience their ministry first-hand and was so impressed with their ideals and deliberate pursuit of Christ through scripture and worship. I highly recommend checking out Phil’s music and also their deliberatePeople ministry.  
Check out Phil and Heather’s ministry at

by Phil and Heather Joel
We’ve been searching for the Savior, we’ve been following a star
We have travelled such a long way; we are wise men from a far
We’ve been watching on this hillside, shepherds tending flocks by night
We heard voices in the darkness, suddenly a blinding light
And after today, we will never be the same
We heard the angels sing, about the newborn king
We heard the angels sing, about the joy He’ll bring
And we sing, Gloria
And we sing, Gloria
And we sing, Gloria
And we sing, Gloria
For so long, we’ve been waiting for this night to come along
Hoping for the Savior to arrive and set a blaze a fire in our lives
For so long, we’ve been ready for the truth to come
Searching for the Holy one to celebrate the light that brings new life
We’ve been waiting for the savior, but we don’t have to wait anymore