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  • Nativity–Original Song by Phil and Heather Joel

    Published December 17, 2014
    1621711_10205145513099112_7666689165217776334_nNativity, the song that I shared during this week’s offertory, was written by my friends, Phil and Heather Joel. The Joel’s wrote this song together for their church’s Christmas “nativity” play and is from the point of view of the shepherds, but also all of humanity! The message of Nativity ties in beautifully with our current Christmas series, Inauguration Day, as the song’s focus lies upon the anticipation of the coming of our Messiah and how glorious our Lord’s arrival is!
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  • Son of My Right Hand–Original Song by Ben Garrett

    Published November 12, 2014
    bengarretOn that early morning in July, the Lord reminded me that even though I am an imperfect man and am far from worthy of His love, He still meets me every morning with new mercies and infinite amounts of acceptance and love! Recently Ben Garrett sang an original song he wrote called Son of My Right Hand. Learn the history behind the song.

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  • Refuge–Original Song by Ben Rosenbush

    Published September 24, 2014

    From the beginning of time, God’s love has been a refuge for all creation. His love has been our refuge at the cross and in His rising again, it will continue to be our refuge until the end of time. Recently Ben Rosenbush sang an original song he wrote called Refuge. Learn the history behind the song.
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