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  • Life Transformed: Learning to Live Like Jesus

    Published July 05, 2018
    Life Transformed is a four-week experience that will equip you, encourage you and challenge you to grow in your faith. It will also be a catalyst to help you get involved at Westwood.
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  • Giving It All to God | Katie Wendorff's Story

    Published June 06, 2018
    I felt compelled to walk forward when Pastor Joel extended an invitation to be baptized one Sunday. My desire was to recommit myself to Christ through baptism as a symbol of how my relationship has evolved in the last several years. I wanted to do something to show my whole body commitment to Christ.
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  • Experiencing God Through Art

    Published June 06, 2018
    Art has always had a major role in the history of the Church and now it has one at Westwood. We are rolling out an art initiative to display original works on campus that will allow us to worship the Creator in new ways.
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  • Serving the Motorcycle Community | The Quiner Family

    Published May 23, 2018
    Curt & Judi Quiner are missionaries that Westwood is proud to partner with. Along with their two daughters, they serve the motorcycling community in the Twin Cities and beyond. They share a little about their ministry, their successes and some of the challenges they face.
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  • Strengthening Families: Jim and Lynne Jackson of Connected Families

    Published April 25, 2018
    Westwood’s partnerships with missionaries like Jim & Lynne Jackson help us reach people here, near and far with the love of Jesus. Lynne and Jim co-founded Connected Families in 2002. Their ministry works to inspire and equip parents to receive and pass on God's grace and truth by imparting a Biblical framework for parenting.
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  • How Serving Draws Me Closer to God: Katie Blomquist’s Story

    Published April 18, 2018
    Our family started coming regularly to Westwood in 1997. At that time, I saw there were openings in the choir, and I joined. Within two years of joining I took on the role of Choir Team Leader and did that for about 15 years.
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  • Easter Baptism Celebration 2018

    Published April 12, 2018
    Easter Sunday, 68 people expressed their faith through baptism at a special Baptism Celebration. These personal stories remind us that God is pursuing each of us, meeting us where we are and drawing us closer to Him.
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  • A Prison, Some Donuts and Faithful Volunteers Changed Me

    Published September 14, 2017
    Fifteen years ago when I was sitting in the county jail, an elderly couple helped introduce me to faith. Roy and Caroline served as prison ministry volunteers for their church. Every Friday night the couple would facilitate a worship service in the jail’s gym.
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  • Calming an Anxious Mind

    Published April 27, 2017
    I am so thankful for my anxiety disorder. As crazy as that sounds, this is what God used, and continues to use, to reignite my faith. It all started about 16 years ago. I don't know whether it was a health scare with my son, or the events of 9/11 or just everyday stresses of life but I started carrying a general nervous feeling around with me everywhere I went.
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  • God's Got This

    Published February 15, 2017
    it takes being completely at the end of your rope to realize you need to just turn everything over to God in prayer. For Jane Held that time was two years ago.
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  • Serving God While Serving Time—Matt Moeller's Story

    Published October 12, 2016
    Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 10.37.09 AMMatt Moeller’s journey to faith in Jesus began in an unlikely place—prison. Matt is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence for second-degree murder. The story of how Matt got there began when he was in high school. He ran with what he calls a “rough crowd”. He got involved in drugs and made destructive choices. The most destructive choice he made during that time was to be involved in a murder.
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  • Helping Others Make a Difference—Heather Tran’s Story

    Published September 19, 2016
    tran baptism3Heather Tran describes her story of coming to faith in Jesus as a slow awakening. “It was as if things in my past and in my life finally started to make sense.” Heather didn’t grow up in a Christian home. Her parents told her she could figure out religion on her own. But despite not having spiritual leadership in her home, Heather had a few relatives and a best friend who were Christians and were influences on her life.
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  • Teen Creates Prayer Trail on Chanhassen Campus

    Published September 14, 2016
    IMG_1283[1]Evan Simon, a 16-year-old junior at Chanhassen High School, wanted to do something special for his Eagle Scout project. He wanted to create something that would have long-term significance and value. He came up with a plan to create a trail around the Chanhassen campus (by the upper parking lot) that could be used for quiet, reflective time with God and nature.
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