How Serving Draws Me Closer to God: Katie Blomquist’s Story

Our family started coming regularly to Westwood in 1997. At that time, I saw there were openings in the choir, and I joined. Within two years of joining, I took on the role of Choir Team Leader and did that for about 15 years.

I continue to serve in the choir and praise choir. God has given me a love for music, and since my elementary years I have sensed an unusual connection to the Lord when I sing His praises. It wasn't until I joined the choir at Westwood that the Lord revealed to me what it meant to be a "worshiper." I experience a communion with the Lord and a deep love for His people when I praise Him in music worship.

The second ministry I serve in is the prayer ministry. This was a natural extension from choir for me, because prayer is communion with the Lord through intimate conversation, sometimes with words, and sharing this corporately allows me the blessing of joining with others that love The Lord and come in agreement with His word for us. Prayer builds His kingdom in us, corporately and in the world. I began by inviting worship ministry participants to gatherings of prayer for our ministry, and naturally expanded to becoming a part of the church's prayer ministry team. I continue to be available to stand with people and place their hands in the hand of Christ as we come before the throne of grace. It is a privilege to participate on this team.

The third ministry I participate in is the Outreach Prison Ministry to Shakopee Women's Prison. I started out as a letter writer on this team. God has given me a love for the written word, both reading and writing. God's Word is a love letter of the Creator to the created. Each time I read through the Bible I am brought to tears at the depth and breadth of the Lord and His love for us! When I saw the invitation to write letters of encouragement to the women in prison it was a natural fit for me because it is the opportunity to bring the Word of God to others. Plus, it is a service I can do on my own schedule, so it easily fit into my life. After a few years I accepted the role of team leader for the letter writing team. This ministry is a window into the heart of our Lord and Savior for these women who are looking for hope. The Lord always gives His word, His encouragements to put into these letters, and I know His word goes out and accomplishes all that He has planned it to do.

Each of these ministries have been paths to know the Lord deeper and to engage in His body more fully. I see and experience His love, blessings and provision for others individually and corporately. My advice to anyone is "get engaged." We are called to walk by faith, and the Lord's glory is revealed when we do. I once told a LifeKeys group to just try something. It is God's intent to reveal His glory through the church, (Eph. 3:10) we just need to take the first step. There is no downside!