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Faith in Jesus is a journey that is meant to be lived right where you are, through what you do every day. The Westwood Podcast features weekly interviews and conversations with people across a variety of life-stages, careers, and interests. Our aim is to curate a conversation that provides encouragement, ideas and inspiration for you to live out your faith, right where you are.

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Episode 5 - Kelli Brenny Part 1: Family, Faith, and Changing the World 1 Village at a Time:

Episode 4 - John Butcher Part 3: Tough Decisions, and How to Help People Thrive:

Episode 3 - John Butcher, Part 2: Faith, Work, and Caribou Coffee:

Episode 2 - John Butcher: Faith, Family, and Pursuing Harmony Over Balance:

Episode 1 - The Beginning:

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