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Westwood is a special place, where talent and technology meet to bring God’s message of hope to a world in need. Every job here plays an important role in making an impact on the world for Christ. Come find your purpose as part of an organization where the benefits include seeing changed lives.

To apply:

Include the position you are applying for, salary requirements and information on your current church involvement or personal testimony. 

A requirement for most positions is membership at Westwood, and all employees at Westwood must have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Job Title
Posted Date
Receptionist (PT) Chanhassen  July 5, 2018
Pastor - Family Ministries (FT) Bloomington  June 18, 2018
Pastor - Student Ministry Gr 6-8 (FT) Chanhassen  June 14, 2018
Pastor - Student Ministry Gr 9-12 (FT) Chanhassen  June 14, 2018
Campus Worship Producer (PT) Bloomington  June 11, 2018
Preschool Lead Teacher (PT) Chanhassen  May 14, 2018
Preschool Assistant Teacher (PT) Chanhassen  May 14, 2018
Director of Worship Services (FT) Chanhassen  April 25, 2018
Campus Worship Producer (PT) Minnetonka  March 6, 2018
Substitute Preschool Teaching Assistant (PT)
Chanhassen  March 1, 2018
Substitute Preschool Teacher (PT)
Chanhassen  March 1, 2018
Intern Ministry Area
Posted Date
 Outreach Ministry-Malawi
Chanhassen March 7, 2017

The Westwood Intern program is designed to develop transformational leaders for the church and future leaders for Westwood Community Church. Complete program details are available here. The internships currently available are listed below.