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Meeting students where they are
Grades 6 –12

Not only do we have great things in store for kids and students, but we want to come alongside parents and caregivers too.
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We accept students where they are with the same eagerness God has in reaching out to us—no strings attached! Our professional and volunteer team models the journey of faith and life in Christ and encourages students to journey further in their own relationships with God. Students have fun and make great friends. They are free to ask questions, challenge answers and experience Jesus Christ personally and honestly.

Students Grades 6–8

StudentsSLogo_ColorMiddle School Ministry (Wednesdays)
September 12-May15, 6:30-8:15pm, The Warehouse
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On Wednesday, students gather to have fun, explore faith and engage in small group conversation about the message each week. Through music, fun games and talks, we exchange ideas and grow in faith together.

Middle School Ministry (Sundays)
Join us on Sunday morning as we play games and mixers to get moving, hear a message related to middle school students and discuss with adult leaders.  

Students Grade 8

StudentsSLogo_ColorUpper Room (Wednesdays)
Contact Kevin Christian
5:00-6:00pm, The Warehouse

Our eighth grade students have the opportunity to take a class to gain a basic understanding of the Christian faith, being challenged in a very personal way to understand what they believe and why, and making their faith their own. It’s a year of fun experiences and spiritual growth as they embark on a journey of deeper life and faith in Jesus.

Students Grade 10–12

StudentsSLogo_ColorHigh School Ministry (Wednesdays)
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Students in grades 10–12 are beginning to understand what the journey of life is all about. To journey means “to progress, to make headway toward a desired goal.” Some students desire to grow in their relationships with Jesus, others are just trying to figure out who God is and wonder if faith is real. In High School Ministry, we welcome all students and invite them to trust Jesus and experience life in all of its fullness.

Student Camps & Retreats 

Camps and retreats give students an opportunity to step outside of their usual routines and surroundings. It is a place to ask good questions, get to know others, worship, reflect, and listen to God’s Word.  Learn more about upcoming camps and retreats.

Student Mission Trips
On mission trips, students will have an opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission. We are called to GO and make disciples of all nations and extend God’s love and mercy to those in need in our own region. Learn more about upcoming mission trips.

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If you have additional questions contact our Pastor of Family Ministries / Kevin Christian, 952.224.7342