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Learning is a lifetime process. One that never stops. Classes are offered on a variety of topics throughout the year as a resource to help you grow deeper in faith. We journey together to grow in our knowledge and real life application of God’s Word. Take a step and experience life transformation that comes from being awakened to faith in new ways and prepared with the understanding you need to be the best you.

Classes 2018

Don't know where to start?  Try:

LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are / Contact: Steve Clevenger
Find out how your gifts and passions can be used to glorify God. No matter where you are along life's journey, it's never too early or too late to understand who you are in God's eyes. Join us for a seven-week journey seeking to understand your unique gifts, spiritual gifts, personality types, values and passions that God has placed within your heart.

Ready to dive a little deeper? Try:

Care with the Love of Jesus Christ / Contact: Bernice Kharrat
Discover effective ways to carry the love of Christ into painful circumstances at home or work. This five-week interactive training explores God's call to care, and how to recognize and respond to the hurting people we encounter every day. Topics include: Listening, Feelings, Boundaries, Grief and Loss, and Prayer.

Transformational Leadership: Foundations / Contact: Michele Christenson
Join Westwood leaders for teaching and experiential exercises to explore, discuss and apply the 4R Biblical model of leadership to those you influence within and outside of the walls of Westwood. (formerly titled Passport to Leadership). We are committed to inspiring and releasing Christian leadership within our church community to help us accomplish our mission and vision. Our Wellspring Ministry offers leadership training, development and resources that invests in biblical leaders. Learn more at The Well.

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If you have additional questions contact Community Life & Learning / Lisa Nebel, 952.224.7348