Grow in Faith

Everyone has a different starting point with their faith. And that’s okay. No matter where you are coming from, we have ways at Westwood to help you on your faith journey. We believe these key classes will help you understand more about who God is, who he made you to be, and how to extend God’s love to others.

Life Transformed

This four-week experience is taught by Westwood pastors. You’ll learn the basics of Christian faith, learn how to deepen your walk with God and connect you with others who are also on the journey. You’ll discover next steps at Westwood and ways to get involved with serving.


Knowing who you are is key to living out your life’s purpose. LifeKeys will help you discover your unique gifts, spiritual gifts, personality type, and the values and passions that God has placed within your heart.

Care With the Love of Jesus

Learn how to care for those going through difficult times, with confidence and trust in God. This class will equip you with valuable insights and tools that will help you be a blessing to others when they need it the most.