Giving It All to God – Katie Wendorff’s Story

by | Jun 6, 2018

I grew up in a Christian family accepting Christ in elementary school. I recited John 3:16 in front of my church and received my first Bible. The actual faith part of my relationship has evolved over time. My parents have been an incredible influence in my life when it comes to the importance of church, my relationship with Christ and the power of God’s love and protection, particularly through prayer.

As I have journeyed through career, marriage and kids, I have learned more about God’s amazing love and grace. I am a driven person that prefers to have my hands on the steering wheel, yet I have slowly learned I can’t do it all by myself and have submitted more areas of my life to God. Things never go as planned, therefore the guidance of God’s promptings have helped me to navigate them. I need God in my marriage. I need God in my role as a mother. And I finally have realized, I must include Him in my work. He revealed this to me after a defining moment in which work had taken over too much of my life, and I learned I needed to submit it ALL to God.

I felt compelled to walk forward when Pastor Joel extended an invitation to be baptized one Sunday. My desire was to recommit myself to Christ through baptism as a symbol of how my relationship has evolved in the last several years.  I wanted to do something to show my whole body commitment to Christ. It was an amazing service and more emotional than I expected. It was intimate, symbolic and God’s presence was amazing. And I was overcome by having my husband and children there to witness this commitment. It sparked great conversations with my son in particular.

A Bible verse that means a lot to me right now is Exodus 31:3, “I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills.” Over the last several years, I have been drawn to this verse as it speaks to how every person is gifted uniquely to make a difference in God’s Kingdom. He wants to use us creatively to encourage others. Historically, I did not believe I had a role to play in God’s work or at least an important one. I hold onto this verse as I think about how I have been gifted and where I can be of service to the Lord.

After placing my faith in Christ, I’ve learned the more areas of my heart and mind I have submitted to Him, the more freedom I have discovered. I worry less. I feel alone less. And I often sense an overwhelming comfort everything is going to work out. My relationship with Christ has revealed over time what freedom means!

If you are interested in proclaiming your faith through baptism on Sunday, June 24, register for a baptism class.

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