We are Better Together

We are better together when we are in it together. In small groups, we get to form friendships, to know and be known, offer and receive support, and grow closer to God. We aren’t meant to live life alone. We are meant to journey through it together.

In exercising physical distancing, we are currently only hosting our groups online.

In such a time, continuing to grow in community with one another is so important, now more than ever. Groups are the perfect place to get the support and encouragement we all need right now. We are so blessed to have the ability to meet digitally to connect and deepen our spiritual growth.

We recommend using Zoom for hosting your online groups.

For additional support with Zoom, see these helpful resources.

Hosting Tips
  • Recommend group members to download meeting software prior to meeting.
  • Make sure you have sufficient lighting.
  • Select the quietest room/location you can find.
  • Give full attention, don’t multitask.
  • For format and schedule ideas, click here.

Search Existing Small Groups
Find a group that fits your needs with our online search tool. When you see something that interests you, click Email Leaders to ask questions or express interest.

Start a Group
Leading a group is not as intimidating as you may think. Our online training session will give you an understanding of your role as a leader and how to form a group.

Launching Your Group

  1. Complete online training and application. Follow the links below to start the training process today!
  2. Meet with your Group Coach prior to launching.
  3. Launch your group! Invite 5-10 friends to join you.

Grab a Better Together Box!

This box contains everything you need to start a group, including 8 video sessions. Grab a box. Grab some friends. Start a group! Online training is available for leaders; boxes are available at the Info Spots.

We’re better together when we’re in it together!.

Better Together Box

Questions or Need Help Finding a Group?

Contact Lisa Nebel, 952.224.7348 for the Chanhassen Campus, or Zac Bush 952.283.2901 for the Bush Lake Campus.