Baptism Where You Are (Chanhassen Campus)

November 15
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Baptism is a joyous celebration of a believer's decision to follow Christ. It symbolizes our union with Jesus's life, death, and resurrection. In this season of COVID-19, we know that not everyone is comfortable gathering in person.

Because of that, we are so excited to still be able to be part of your baptism day with "Baptism Where You Are." If you are ready to be baptized, here are your next steps…


First, complete Westwood’s online baptism education. 

This seven-minute video is an opportunity to learn more about baptism and prepare to share your story of faith with a Westwood Pastor or leader. Follow THIS link to complete baptism education.


Second, invite a friend or family member who is a follower of Jesus to baptize you.

Have a friend or family member complete THIS form to learn about how to baptize someone and what they should say when they baptize you. If you do not have someone in your life that can baptize you at the moment, please let us know and we will have a conversation with you about an alternative plan!


Third, find a body of water and pick a date.

This could be a lake, a pool or hot tub, or even a bathtub. Any body of water where you can be fully submerged will work. Before your baptism, we encourage you to share the testimony you prepared for your meeting with a Westwood Pastor or Leader with those present with you. This is a great opportunity to share about what Christ has done in your life and why you are being baptized. We encourage you to be baptized on the same date as a Westwood campus wide baptism.


Fourth, tell us about your baptism!

We want to celebrate with you! Please send us a video of your baptism (filmed

horizontally) so we can celebrate your baptism with you. In addition, we’d love to see any pictures you have or hear your story of your baptism day. You can share those with us at


As you prepare for your baptism, you will work through this form, watch a short video explaining more about baptism, and write out your testimony. Once you've completed this step, you'll meet virtually with a Westwood Pastor, Director, or Leadership Board Member to share your testimony in preparation for your baptism.


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