Missions & Outreach

You Are Making A Difference Westwood

You are Making a Difference

1000 599 Westwood Community Church

Ever feel discouraged or powerless when you read the news headlines of suffering around the world?  Wars. Famines. Families Torn Apart. You might not know it, but YOU are hard at work bringing hope to those who suffer. YOU are…

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Sarah Lee - Art at Westwood Community Church

Experiencing God Through Art

350 432 Westwood Community Church

Art has always had a major role in the history of the Church and now it has one at Westwood. We are rolling out an art initiative to display original works on campus that will allow us to worship the…

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Quiners Family - Missionaries in the Motorcycle Community

Serving the Motorcycle Community – The Quiner Family

400 320 Westwood Community Church

Curt & Judi Quiner are missionaries that Westwood is proud to partner with. Along with their two daughters, Christy and Hannah, they serve the motorcycling community in the Twin Cities and beyond. They share a little about their ministry, their…

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Jim and Lynne Jackson Missionary Story

Strengthening Families: Jim and Lynne Jackson of Connected Families

500 358 Westwood Community Church

Westwood partners with organizations that help reach people with the love of Jesus. One of those organizations is Connected Families. Lynne and Jim Jackson co-founded Connected Families in 2002. Their ministry works to inspire and equip parents to receive and pass…

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