90-Day Challenge

It’s not about money, it’s about our heart.

We worship a generous God! Having experienced the abundance of His love, grace and provision, with joyful hearts we give our lives back to Him, knowing we can’t out-give God! God wants our hearts to be fully His and we show that when we give back of the ‘treasure’ that He has given us. Matthew 6:21 says that our heart will be where our treasure is. When we give God our hearts, as reflected in our generosity, God pours out even more blessings, even more of His presence.

God put this in the form of a generosity challenge in the Old Testament Book of Malachi, the only place in the Bible where God urges His followers to test Him. In the book of Malachi, concerning generosity, God said, “Test me in this and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven.” But it’s not about the money. God wants us to give Him our hearts and trust Him with all of our lives, which includes our finances.

Tithing is a biblical principle that teaches us to give the first 10% of our income to the local church. It is a tangible way we worship God. Through this act of generosity we demonstrate that He is first in our lives and we are opening our hearts to His leading. If tithing is new to you, a great time to begin is with the 90-Day Challenge.

Believing wholeheartedly that we can’t out-give God, we issue a challenge: Tithe for three months and see what happens. If you don’t start to see God transforming your heart and moving in your life, we will refund 100% of your tithe—no questions asked.
Together let’s trust Him and get ready for God to bless!

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.

Our prayer for you is that your heart would receive God’s love and grace in greater measure, that God will deepen your experience of Him and work in your life in a way that blesses you and others. Know, however, that God’s blessings come in many ways, not always a blank check in your mailbox. Keep the eyes of your heart open so that you can see God’s provision and faithfulness in your life.
After you sign up to take the challenge, we’ll join you on this faith adventure. We’ll send you resources, invitations and encouragement. We would also love to hear how God moves in your life as you take this new step in your faith.

An easy first step.

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After you complete the 90-Day Challenge intention form, there are many convenient ways to give to Westwood. A helpful way to begin tithing is to establish recurrent online giving with Westwood. If you are a new giver to our church community, you can easily get started by giving through our website, selecting the campus that you attend.

What does my tithe support?

Your tithe supports Westwood’s general fund which provides for all ministries, the 10-10-10 Vision and the operating costs of the church at all campuses.

How much of my tithe can be returned?

We will refund 100% of the tithe you gave during the 90-Day Challenge period. This period begins on the day you submit your intention form. Tithes or offerings given prior to this date range are not able to be returned. Also, Westwood is not able to return tithes give from stocks, IRAs or donor-advised funds.

How long do I have to request a refund?

Requests for a refund must be received within 120 days of the date indicated on your intention form.

Do I have to wait until the 90-Day challenge is over to request a refund?

No, you may request a refund at any time as long as it falls within 120 days of the date you submitted your intention form.

How do I request a refund?

Contact us via email [accounting@westwoodcc.org] or by mail:

Westwood Community Church
Attn. Accounting Department
3121 Westwood Dr
Excelsior, MN  55331

How will I receive my refund?

All refunds will be issued by check and mailed to the requester’s address on file.

Will I receive a year-end tax statement?

Yes, each year Westwood sends out annual giving statements. To ensure cash gifts are properly credited, use an envelope that includes your name and address. Statements are available to download at any time through WestwoodLife.

Learn to manage money God’s way.

Take the first steps to breaking the grip finances has on your heart. Through a nine week journey, we will partner with you to step into a financial freedom that God has intended for you. Financial Peace University is the proven plan to pay off debt and build wealth that’s helped over 5 million people start winning with money.

For more information and to find a class, contact: Brittany King at brittany.king@westwoodcc.org

Join us for a special seminar with Cory Wessman that will provide an overview of 5 principles based on biblical truths that would apply to important estate planning decisions and the basic legal decisions that need to be made.

February 22
Chanhassen Campus

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